Session #2 Raw Notes (Ray)

Barend has gone missing! Exploring the temple, keestake gave us a great map.


We (elias, thunderfist, fawkes) found Barendd on a meathook by the kitchen, alive but slashed and wounded.


Elias was attacked from behind by a horrific undead creature! It ran after dropping Elias but I chased and hit with a x-bow bolt, called for Gennos who came in and punched up the ghoul. I decapitated the ghoul with my battle axe.


Genos and I got Barendd off the meathook once the ghoul was dead. Gennos patched him up. Searched the rest of the temple but it was empty, overnight Elias wounds magically healed along with Barendd's.


We awoke and set off for the manor of Viledel the Sea King.


We sneak down towards a trench that runs up to the manor. Elias used more fake rocks to hide us from the orcs looking for widows weed. Thunderfist snuck up out of the trench in an attempt to lure them away.



Thunderfist was caught, we attacked the 2 orcs. Thunderfist dissonant whispered one, it ran and I finished with x-bow. The o t her leaped into the trench and attacked thunderfist (who had run into the trench). Genos ran along the trench and kicked the shit out of the orc. Orc hit Genos. Elias destroyed the orc with a crit firebolt.


Drinks terrible orc grog, found some widdows weed on their bodies.


Elias snuck in through the barred windows that keestake had loosened. Keestake went to his room next door. Freaked out over his room being messy but I calmed him down. Thunderfist and Elias went to go find the Viledels wifes rod of deadly dildo.


I kept working on my dryad carving while we (genos/keestake/melisana/me) waited for elias/thunderfist to return.


They came running back with goblins and a pack of hounds giving chase.  I took down a dog in defensive position, shot the goblin dog master with acrossobow while defending keestake and melisana.



Follow the throbbing wand down to the kings quarters. Magic item points to something magic in his room.  Found some potions(heroism/healing), a magic dagger.


Continue towards catacombs (where the boat is).  Ambushed from both ends in a long hallway by a group of orcs on one end and goblins on the other. We retreated to a side room.


I saw a badass orc with a chain hook and scale mail, rushed forward and sliced him open w/ battleaxe and barrend finished him off. Orcs and goblins in full blown battle with each other. Acquired scale mail from dead orc captain.


Found a secret bookshelf entrance to the catacombs, Barendd casts light on my shield. Goblins hear me crash the shelf and we run down, keestake activates a trap crushing the goblins.


We come out into a chamber with alcoves, attacked by keestake! Betrayal! I deflect his attack and we pummel him to unconciousness. Barrend didn't want to heal him, but I insisted we do and genos did.


Went towards some crates that said great weapons, hit a trip wire and a crate tumbled on all of us. The monk laughed because he doesn’t care about such things and didn't come with us. I got in afight with thunderfist because he talked melisana into trigger another trap and she got hit with bricks.


Went foreward more cautiously, found big rats, stealthed by. Creeping to ghost low passage, floor starts falling out from under me – I sprint forward making it across the pit before it drops. It dropped to a 40 foot deep chasm with rushing water beneath. Very dangerous. We couldn't locate the crypt.


Turns out Keestake labeled the map wrong intentionally and we had to search our way around until we located the crypts whereon the Seaking promptly became undead along with his wife. We slew them verrily and took their phat loots aboard the ship.


It was a funeral ship, so it had no name but we took It as fast as we could away from the island. The island broke away in pieces and sunk into the ocean as selune promised.

Session #2 Raw Notes (Ray)

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