Fawkes Hamelain

The veteran ex-militia captain with a heart of gold.


Fawkes Hamelain was born to farmers in a small farming village called Goldshire on the outskirts of Dagger Falls, located in the Daggerdale.

As a boy he wasn’t the tallest or the fastest, but his tenacity and resilience was second to none. He had a kind heart and only fought with the other boys when he was forced to by his conscience in defense of himself or another.

When he was 17 he volunteered for the militia of Goldshire, at the time a handful of farmers with blunt short swords. Only a few short years later, he helped rally the defense of the town in the face of a goblin raid and was defacto promoted to Captain of the militia. Shortly after that he married his childhood friend Illia and sired a male child named Asher with her, but alas she was lost in labor leaving Fawkes to raise the child alone.

In the 20 years since that attack he has turned the militia into a real fighting force that he can trust to defend his village. Over that time he has honed his own fighting ability to a proficiency level far beyond the common man. He has no interest in another woman and with his son now the age he was when he became Captain, Fawkes feels that he could do more good somewhere in the wider world. He knows that soon he will be too old for fighting and hard travel. It is time that Asher took command of the militia.

He has spent his life in defense of his village, but the duty can now pass to others. Fawkes rides for the famed city of Neverwinter which he has heard tales of even as far as the Dales. He must know if he has what it takes to see the world and meet its challenges. He eagerly dedicated his blade to the first adventurer’s guild in Neverwinter he came across ready to start his new life…

Fawkes Hamelain

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